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Heart is one of the major elements of our body. It is the part where all the works are taken place. But this can also be exposed to some of the diseases which can be prevented at their initial stage through some medicines. Though this is a leading disease that is prevailing but this can be cured.

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A heart attack is a life-threatening event. It is a need to know about the basic things so that it can help you at the sudden causes. The information should be there so that it may enable us to take sudden and correct decisions for curing it when it appears. If we have prior information of it will be a valuable asset to our loved ones and us.

This heart attack occurs when the supply of the blood and oxygen are blocked in to the area of heart muscle, especially the clot in a coronary artery. Due to this blockage of blood and oxygen it leads to the irregular heartbeat which causes severe decrease in the pumping of the heart and may bring about sudden death. This is the initial stage and it should be treated within few hours so that the heart muscles are not affected and are not replaced by the scar tissue. It is a require for us to know the caution signs of this disease and to get the emergency help at the time of need. Some people die because as they do not get the immediate help due to the permanent damage in the heart.

If the primary aid is given soon enough the permanent damage of the heart that is the blocked artery can be restored in time to avoid it. Yet, many of them do not get this medical care within the hours of the symptoms begin and they die. But a prompt treatment can prevent or cure their sudden death.

This is the disease which is caused in both men and women. If the person is already suffering form the coronary heart diseases, or underwent a bypass surgery is at the risk of having this disease. The men who are above 45 and women who are above 55 are exposed to this. If he has a hereditary background that is any of his family member was having this disease.

So it is very essential that these factors should be controlled before they appear. So they should have a control over smoking, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, diabetes and we can also visit our health care provider to ask about the reduce of risk of having the heart attack.

This heart attack includes the warning signs and symptoms varies from person the person Some of them symptoms like the chest discomfort, discomfort in other areas if the upper body, shortness of breath, cold sweat, having nausea and vomiting, feeling light headed or dizzy.

As this heart attack is a medical emergency, it should be prevented if we know the warning signs of the attack and can be treated as fast as possible. This should be not delayed as it may cause to the sudden death in the person. The sooner the treatment is given the chances of recovery are more. It is a must and should need that there should be a physical examination periodically after the first treatment as it does not give a way for the second one.

So this heart attack is a chronic disease which once attacks cannot be completely treated but it can be prevented by the regular medications but yet you are in a depression thinking about it and you feel difficult in getting adjusted to this life. So at this time you need the affection of your loved ones which makes you to cure it as early possible.

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