Title: Common aches and pains at a glance

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A brief glance of all the aches and pains we are experiencing, what causes them and ways to prevent or cure our muscle pains.

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We try to do everything in this 21 century — filling our lives with a dozen of activities that tax our bodies and emotions. Multi-tasking is the norm with organizing busy schedules at work, for family and for our social life has become a daily task.

To stay and go on running in the rat race, you must be prepared to endure aches and pains all over your body as well as the lumps and swelling — sure signs of overwork and stress.

Here are the common aches and pains that you usually experience in everyday:

? Knee ? Stiff and swollen joints make it difficult to do any bending. Pain in the knees are usually worse in the morning or after a long period of inactivity. Knee joints are often affected by arthritis.

? Shoulder – Any kind of overuse can stress the shoulder joint. Muscles can be strained and tendons can become inflamed.

? Hip – A pain at the top of your leg that you may usually the inner side of your thigh. Osteoarthritis of the hip is extremely common. It results from the deterioration of the cartilage covering the ends of the bones.

? Back ? stiffness, muscle spasm and pain. Lower back pain is very common. You can get this from carrying or lifting heavy loads.

? Wrist- aching, numbness, burning, or tingling in your palm, wrist, fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome commonly occurs during pregnancy, menapause or result of repetitive typing.

? Feet -tingling, burning,numbness or pain under the heel.Tarsal tunnel syndrome is the foot version of the carpal tunnel syndrome, it is common with people who are flat footed.

Muscle pain can be caused by many conditions. The most commo is a ? strain? where the muscle is stretched beyond its maximum length resulting in injury. Muscle pain is most frequently related to tension or muscle injury any physically-demanding work. When muscle pain last beyond the expected healing time, it is then best to consult your doctor.

Every now and then you might be having muscle cramps and if you are working for quite some time and it also involves some heavy work that you might be experiencing a sensation of your mucles making you so tired and there is a decreased in your muscular performance. The underlying cause of muscle fatigue can fall into two categories: central and local.

1. The central nervous systme ? when your mind is telling your body (muscles) to shut down.
2. The local ? is related to local factors that limit the ability to perform mucular work.

Regular exercise can help restore proper muscle tone. A good physical therapist can teach you strentching, aerobic exercises to feel a lot better. You can also do it yourself by cycling, swimming and walking. Warm up before you do any kind oe exercising. Do some stretching. Drink lots of fluids before and after exercising. You can overcome muscle fatigue by dieting, getting adequate rest and taking supplements or nutritional stimulants such as caffeine. If you work in the same position most of the day like sitting infront of the computer, get up and do some stretching at least every hour.

Taking some acetaminophen, aspirin or other non-sterioidal anti-inflammatory drugs can also be helpful in pain relief. Workouts in the gym to strengthen the back and shoulders can help restore a good balance.

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